Independence Day

Hello friends!  I’ve been slacking in writing here on this blog lately.  My thoughts are collecting in my journal, piling up complaints to heaven, whispering lies to me at night which keep me up at 3 in the morning.  My Bible study is feeling heavy, my study is ongoing and applicable so I should have much to write about, but I’m finding myself feeling weary.  I’ll give you an update in my next post, but for now one of the things I’m greatly appreciating during my morning drive time is listening to pastor and Bible teacher Michael Youssef.  Yesterday he presented a phenomenal sermon about our nation and the state it’s in.

We live in the end of times, I’m convinced.  My weariness in life — even in Bible study; the ways of the culture; politics; daily news stories; weariness of others in their lives; attending funerals.  I could list a bunch more! But really, we have an unseen enemy, and his power is limited and his demise is certain.  So why does it seem he wins so much?  These questions are all in the Bible too.  I just read Job the in the last couple of days.  Job’s trials were wearying to him as well.  Life hardships are nothing new.  But as we look at culture and read God’s Word, we know that the closer we get to Christ’s return, the greater satan’s anger.  He is brutal in every area of our lives.  Just writing that reminds me why life sometimes feels as it does.  He attacks us personally, he attacks our  marriages and families, he attacks our churches, he attacks our world, he is involved in politics, he is behind the scenes in all the ugliness of life!  Praise God we know his demise is certain, and that God’s power and Sovereignty are higher!

So friends, this Independence Day, may you be reminded of Christ Jesus, reigning on His Throne!  May you remember afresh God’s love poured out on the cross.  May you and I renew our passion for Christ, and His ways, His purpose, and His life in us.  I’m needing that reminder.  I’m needing that heavenward goal. I’m needing to “not grow weary in doing good.”

Blessings to all of you as we ponder our freedom, God’s gracious gift of love to us in Jesus, and the return of Christ which is ever nearer.

Here is the sermon I mentioned earlier by Michael Youssef.  Please listen to it!  It really is a reminder of how far our nation has come.  “Someone must pay,” he repeats.  Under every move of our nation away from God, regardless of the person or peoples behind it (who will be accountable before God) — lies Satan.  Satan knows his time is short.  Satan knows that God rules and reigns and will be sending Christ back to earth again, and he has upped his attacks.  Am I ready for Christ’s return by faithfully living for God today?  Are you?  Press on sisters!  I need to also in this season of weariness!

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