“Then they will know that I am the Lord”

Hello friends and fellow women of God!

What strange times we find ourselves in!  No one will forget the year of 2020 as it is the year of the coronavirus pandemic.  So far, with all things happening in our nation and world, it is a year when fear, anxiety, stress, living on less, questions of what is next or what God is doing, and so many other thoughts vie for our attention.  Words with new meanings have become normal to us: social distancing, quarantined, unemployment, masks, temporarily closed, and out of stock.  It is a year so far when we as Christians can not worship God together in our churches, and not due to government restrictions based on persecuting Christians, but because of health restrictions.  It is therefore a year when we as Christians have battled with the thoughts of “if God protects, why not gather,” and yet the wisdom He calls us to employ of submitting to our proper authorities (presidents, governors and health officials) and of not being foolish with the known health risks, have competed within us and caused church leaders likely much prayer and conversations.  It is a year of drive-by parades to celebrate birthdays and graduations.  It is a year where Zoom becomes a way of interacting with people and celebrating weddings, when we’d rather sit across the table from friends and share a cake or a game board.

And it has effected every single person on the planet in some way or another.

God has led me to study through the Old Testament these last couple of years.  It is a slow process for me, and at times I find myself eating up God’s Word as my favorite chocolate cake — more please, and a larger slice tomorrow!  At other times I find myself chewing and swallowing out of sheer willpower – such as the time I ate goat at a friend’s house!  I’m sorry to any of you who regularly eat and like goat.  I found it chewy and hard to get down!

Now, I love the whole Word of God.  But I admit when I hit Isaiah I found a bit of “here we go” coming into my brain.  The major prophets of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel are long books!  I persevered through Isaiah and Jeremiah and ordered my next study of Ezekiel.  It happened to be the beginning of March.  Throughout March and April I found myself forcing myself to read, and sometimes rereading and redoing my lesson because I just couldn’t get through the chapters.  I’ve discovered the more you read God’s Word, the more engaging it becomes, and the more you want to be in it.  It’s because it is living and active!  And Ezekiel is no different, it is easier to understand and digest as I keep going, it just is a slow go!  That’s ok!  God is speaking, and His Word can not return void!

So, today in my lesson I hit, “The more you read Ezekiel, linger in its message, and meditate on its precepts, the better you will understand your God and His purpose for placing you in this book at this time in your life.”  Hmm.  I pondered this.  I reread this sentence several more times. Hmm.

March and April 2020.  Covid 19.  Furlough.  My husband getting a night job because we don’t know what’s next and therefore he sleeps when I’m awake and vice versa — I miss him.  Combine that with no work of my own, staying at home, and all else that is going on.  Hmm.

So as I’m going through Ezekiel there is one phrase on repeat.  Whether God is talking to or about Israel (His people), or to and about the nations (those who don’t believe in God), God repeats this phrase: then they will know that I am the Lord (their) God.  His purpose in warnings, in dealing with sin, and even in rest and redemption is so that God’s people and those watching might know that He is the Lord.

Hmm.  Why am I reading Ezekiel right now?  Why indeed?  I believe that during this pandemic God is speaking to both believers and nonbelievers all over the world.  Some will come to know God, others will turn back to God, and some will go on as before not knowing God.  God knows all this.  God allows and controls all things — even calamities.  And His purpose is always His renown.  He will one day send Jesus back to earth — will we be ready?  This season might be a season of God speaking, slowing us down from our normal busyness and distractions, while reminding us of our need for His peace and deliverance.  Maybe.  Please Dear Sisters — listen!  He is the Lord God, and in this season He is speaking to you, to me, to believers, to non-believers, and to the world.  His purpose is this: I am the Lord God.  Oh may we rest in Him as Lord!  And He is good, He is Sovereign, He is our Prince of Peace, and He is our Deliverer! Press on precious ladies to know God and make Him known, even during a pandemic!


One thought on ““Then they will know that I am the Lord”

  1. During this time I have not been fearful, but questioning authority(ies) as relates to the sovereignty of God.

    Thank you for your blog post. He is Lord of All!

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