Losing Weight While Eating Hot Fudge By The Spoonful!

Tonight I ate hot fudge by the spoonful.  I am not kidding. 

The other day I bought Smuckers Hot Fudge while shopping because I had a recipe I wanted to make.  I made the dessert, ate the dessert, and enjoyed the dessert.  I even ate the last half piece of dessert for breakfast one morning — really.  Just a half piece of dessert: no protein, no fruit, no cereal, no oatmeal.  Just dessert!  And I enjoyed every second of breakfast that day!  (Dear Mom — it is not true that sugar for breakfast spoils my day. Maybe if this is the habitual norm.  But my dessert for breakfast the other day did not harm me in any way.  In fact, it gave me a sense of joy!)  But then my dessert was gone.  The half botttle of hot fudge still waited patiently in the fridge.

So I ate a spoonful one night when there was no other chocolate in the house.  Just 1 spoonful.  Then I placed the jar back in the fridge.

The next night I had another spoonful.  Just 1.  Back in the fridge.

But the next night, I ate 4 spoonfuls.  And I never opened the jar!  You see, I had read a recipe for hot fudge that talked about being so good you’d never want to buy another jar again.  I have nothing against my jar of Smuckers.  Obviously I like it.  But just for fun, I thought I’d do a side by side taste test.  I think the homemade won.  I mean –4 spoonfuls!

By the way, this was after my evening workout!  I’ve been so proud of myself.  I’ve actually been working out lately.  I used to work out, and enjoyed it.  But then life hit.  I stopped working out and for about 10 years, working out has been hit and miss.  The last 7 years it’s been mostly non-existant.  But for the last 15 weeks, I’ve done something most weekdays!

And I’ve continued to eat just how I normally do.  But while eating my delicious spoonful, the nagging thought came:  You can’t lose weight eating hot fudge all night, even if you work out!

I paused after spoonful 3. True.  Likely very true.  But, what if I was loosing weight in another way?

What if the baggage of “you shouldn’t do that” or “eating this won’t help” or “control control control”  needs to be lost.  I’m not advocating for no self discipline.  I’m also not advocating for living only for the pleasure of the flesh.  Of course not.  That is a whole different issue.  But the lies of Satan about pleasure, beauty, weight, what you should eat or not eat, and comparison of what others eat and don’t eat run rampant in our culture.

But I’ve been thinking on this: “…In His right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

The hot fugde was a pleasure.  So was eating dessert for breakfast one morning.  And both did me no harm.  Sure, eating only sugar all the time does harm your body.  We know that.  But when is the last time I ate dessert for breakfast?  And when is the last time I shoveled in the hot fudge by the spoonful with no ice cream?  Can’t remember doing either in a long long time.  And probably won’t do them again for another long long time!

I’m learning some things about life.  We pile on so much pressure.  We let “you shouldn’t do that” consume us.  We compare.  We criticize.  We try to perform. We have weight on us that is not on the body — but on the heart.

And eating hot fudge (by the spoonful) is not healthy.  Agreed.  But neither is the pressure to be that we heap on ourselves day after day.  We just are not aware of it.

So dear ladies — I hope you enjoy a simple pleasure today.  And moms out there … a memory of mine is the rare occasion my mom let us have “backwards day” and eat dessert before the main dish and veggie — how fun!  Press on dear ladies!  The gift of pleasure is a gift!  Isn’t God good to us!

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