Glimmers of Hope

Good Morning Dear Sister in Christ,

It’s an early morning, I’ve been awake several hours.  I find myself whistling and singing alternately, the words ringing in my mind: Some through the water, some through the floods.  Some through the fire, but all through the blood.  Some through great sorrows, but God gives a song, in the night season and all the day long.

I’ve been in a night season for too long.  My heart has been heavy.  My gifts have been idle.  My mind has been negative.  My spirt has been weak.  My thoughts have been numerous, my journals abound.  My joy has been small.  My faith has seemed frail.  My body is aging.  My vitality seems buried.


But God…

God has been strong and has carried me.

God has been faithful and has stayed beside me.

God has been whispering, asking me to listen closer.

God has been working, my prayers not unanswered.

God has revealed Himself in new ways.

God has granted sleep when my mind can not rest.

God has asked if I want to know Him more, deeper, and truer.

God has hidden His face, but only to ask me to seek with more passion.

God has provided.

God.  His name is great, and He is greatly to be praised!

Dear Sister, are you with me, feeling weary in life, in spirit, in body?  I could say it’s age, as I creep upon the big 4-0, but it’s not.  One day I was talking to my sister.  I was sharing some of my heart and I teared up.  Her 4 year old daughter came in the room.  Pretty soon the little girl was crying (she wanted to talk to her auntie, but mom said wait!).  My sister said in an amused voice, “The feelings are mutual it seems.”  My little niece had a heart that was sad.  I had a heart that was sad.  No matter our age, we as women have tender hearts that seem to be easily hurt and buried.  All women.  And men too.  I’m convinced.

We live in a fallen world, and our world shakes with the results of sin.  Every area of life.

I’ve repeated over and over that “our battles are not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers and authorities of this dark world.”  I find myself needing this in my personal relationships, as I listen to the news, in the realm of the unknown people that effect me (leaders), as I watch everything happening at a national and global level.  Satan versus God, that is the truth.  And God wins.  That is the blessed truth, and wonderful assurance for my soul.

I’m in a season of seeing glimmers of hope. Finally.  It feels like two years of struggle.  It feels like a long desert season is finally starting to see signs of life.

For starters, I’ve actually started to enjoy my Bible again.  In my Bible reading over the last 2 years, I went from a lush valley of awe, to a desert of dryness.  Praise God He walks us through both!  I’m starting again to want to be in my Bible more and more.  Precious women — please pray to God that He gives you hunger for His Word.  Years ago I read through the Bible in a year.  I haven’t done that since, but I’ve been led to study and read in various ways.  Let me encourage you — when you are in a dry season emotionally and spiritually — the Word has to be present for there are the very words of life! But not in a guilt inducing way. Not in a “must do this on my own strength” type of way. Not in a race or even any man made pace! If one verse is all you can meditate on for the day or even a month, do it!  If listening to praise music and crying your eyes out is all you can muster strength for, do it!  If listening to the Bible being read to you for 10 minutes is all you have time for, do it! If a short devotional is all you have time to read as you are in the bathroom, then do it!  If you and your toddlers can memorize a verse or passage together, do it! (I’ve heard that involving your kids is very helpful!  I personally love kids music that is Bible verses set to music!  And I have no young kids, but many of you do.  They are sponges, and if your soul is thirsty for God, they are likely willing participants in however God might direct you to seek Him in the season of motherhood!)  If all you can do is sing some praise music, do it!  I’ll tell you, 2-3 hymn choruses puts my mind in a better place!  Even in dry seasons – please do whatever it takes to connect with God in even the smallest of ways!

God is so gentle, and so patient, and so good!  He is always calling us to Himself in deeper ways, if we are open to hearing him!

How is God working in your life? How is He calling you to seek Him?  It what creative way can you make time in your life afresh for Him?

When my husband first started working overnights, I was lonely.  I was anxious about sleeping. So I purchased a download of Bible verses read with peaceful music playing in the background.  I fell asleep to this nightly for many weeks. Even now, some days I pull it out and just listen as I drift off to sleep — it keeps my mind fixed on things above!

A couple months ago, I had nothing to give God.  I was emotionally and spiritually dried out. I wanted to be in God’s presence, but just couldn’t! I had heard an analogy of bringing a teaspoon to God. So I did.  I decided to push play on the most recent download of a Bible reading app. It was not a daily reading, and it jumped around in the Bible.  I had no idea what the daily portion would be, but I knew I needed something in the Word.  I determined I’d listen to whatever was being read that day.  It happened to be Psalm 100.  The whole reading took less than one minute, but that one minute spoke to my soul.  I pushed repeat, and repeat, and repeat.  In 10 minutes, God had moved into my heart in a fresh way.  I needed those 10 minutes.

Dear Sister, God is the God of hope.  He is the God of all comfort.  He is very present and real.  Are you seeing Him?  Some days of this season, I felt he wasn’t near.  He was.  Some days I felt he didn’t care.  He does!  Look at this verse I found: The Lord, the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has appeared saying, ‘I am indeed concerned about you and what has been done to you in Egypt.’   When I read this verse, I stopped.  I thought on these words: I am indeed concerned about you.  That sentence right there — that is soul food!

Oh, I am so grateful for glimmers of hope.  I am so grateful God is the God who Sees.  I am so grateful that God will never leave me or forsake me. I know the same is true of you as well – God is with you!

I will choose to praise Him. He is Lord!

Press on!  The Lord is with us!

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