Advice on Waiting (Part 3)

(Continued: Lessons I’ve learned as a waiting single).  Again – not just for singles, but for anyone waiting for anything!

On the occasion that I  (or you) never marry, or get the desires of our heart… does it mean God didn’t answer His promise?  You know, the promise, “delight yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.”   I meditated on this verse long and hard for a while.  Look at the whole passage – Psalm 37.  The whole passage describes pressing into God with all your heart, using commands such as: trust in the Lord, commit your way to Him, take delight in Him, be still, wait patiently.  Easier said than done, right?

I came to the conclusion that delighting myself in the Lord is pressing into Him with all that I’ve got.  All my emotions can be told to him; my desires  can be poured out before Him; my joys, my sorrows, all of my heart belongs to Him.  I discovered that He himself is what my heart truly desires.  Thus, if I press into Him,  if I find my delight in Him, then He becomes my everything.  If I take Him at His Word, then He and His ways become my desires.

Try it for yourself.  I believe, that the more one seeks to know God personally, the more one studies His character, the more one meditates on His names — the more that person wants to know Him!  Thus, my “taking delight in Him” is seeking who He is, seeking what that means, and applying it to my heart.  The desires of my heart that are then given to me in response to His promise in Psalm 37 are not necessarily tangible things such as marriage, or children.  No, it’s Him.  Yet, often times He graciously gives us the “things” we request.  But even if He doesn’t, I’ve determined in my heart that His promise of providing my heart’s desire, is faithfully answered.

I’ll leave you with two stories that have helped my heart over the years of waiting. The first story was told to me by my mentor at least 6 years ago.  She told the story of a little boy who went shopping with his mother at Christmas time.  The stores were lit up with decorated trees and festive music echoed through the halls.  In the toy aisle he spotted a red fire-engine and immediately pulled his mom’s arm to go see the treasure.  He examined it and told his mom that he wanted this toy for Christmas.  He begged and whined.  His mother responded with the typical (annoying to a child) response of, “we’ll see.”  He spoke excitedly about the fire engine all the way home.  He told his dad about it.  He kept asking for it.  On Christmas morning he eagerly ripped into his package, and to his utter delight found the coveted toy.  His older brother later slapped him on the head exclaiming, “You’re so dumb!  You should have seen the fire engine that mom had picked out for you!  It was so much better than this one, but you insisted you knew what you wanted!”

And the second story is a true story that I heard while volunteering at a camp for kids with disabilities.  This one made me cry.  A wife had prayed for a child.  She had prayed and prayed and prayed.  She’d cried.  She’d waited. She’d prayed some more.  After 20 long years of beseeching and waiting, she finally had a daughter.  Her daughter had some sort of disability, which I don’t remember now.  However, the mother repeatedly said, “This is the child I prayed for.  She’s perfect!”  Her waiting turned to joy, even within the trials that came with a child with special needs.

God’s timing is always right even when it seems slow or wrong.  Will you trust that He knows best and has your best interest at heart?  Will you trust Him as a parent wanting to give good gifts?  Will you trust Him if your prayer is answered, but far differently than you expected?  Oh how I hope I do! Waiting friends… God is faithful!

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