Extravagant Love

Today a dream came true.  A man got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife.  I said yes.  Extravagant love!  Let me show you the gorgeous flowers he got for me just for today!  4 doz roses, red and one batch of yellow, and 2 bouquets of mixed flowers. He outdid himself, and I’m happy he did.  My brother took a look at them and shook his head.  I smiled broadly and stated, “He loves me!”  He spent time and money to make the day special.  And what a thing there is in my heart that is unexplainable — knowing this love.  I am admittedly a little giddy.  I’m excited.  I’m nervous — it’s a change, it’s a commitment that I can only uphold with God’s help.  But mostly, I’m delighted by God’s great love.  This is a prayer that has been a request for years.  Seeing the man God has given me and how those prayers have been answered is a gift.  Thank you Gracious God!

But as I took the trash out tonight, piled with flower stems and wrappers, I looked into the sky and marveled afresh at how human love is a mirror to God’s love.  God’s love for each of us is outlandish.  It’s extravagant to the highest extreme.  His love poured out blood upon a cross.  His love displays itself in numerous ways — flowers, birds, children, oceans, mountains, hugs, puppy dogs, laughter, relationships, time spent making cookies with Grandma, and so many more.

WIN_20150613_233749 What ways do you see God’s love today?  You might have to look closely.  Sometimes when life is at a tough spot and our focus is on the trials, sorrows, and unfairness of life, we forget God’s love and complain instead.

But Christ died on a cross for you.  While you and I were sinners, Christ died for us… because He loved us.  That is extravagant.  Any thing else is an added blessing.  I’m thankful for my added blessing of this special man, and this special time of engagement. But I want to learn to be a woman of godliness in whatever season God takes me into.  I need to practice grace, forgiveness, love, selflessness – all of which I am quite incapable of on my own strength.

So in finishing this day I whisper a thank-you to this God of love who I call Father.  Who I know is good.  Who I believe demonstrates extravagant love in ways I can not even fathom.  Do you see His goodness today?  Do you feel His love?  Please know if He is not answering your prayers as you had hoped, or if He seems far away, that the truth is that He is near to the brokenhearted and that He has unending love for you.  If you can’t see Him today, may you press in all the closer because He really does care.  He is our God of extravagant love!  Oh, Precious Daughter of God – you are His beloved!

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  1. Congratulations my dear! Blessings abound after years of prayer and growing in trust and grace. May you continue to grow in His love and beauty! So happy for you!!!

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