The Love of God… so Rich, So Pure!

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I have a dear friend who lost her son a year ago to suicide.

In her grief, God has met her.  Her eyes are afresh on the Lord.  And she inspires me!

One day we were riding in the car together.  She noted that the sky was full of x’s.  I was confused.  She explained that the contrails of the airplanes crossed all across the sky, making an x every place they crossed!  They did indeed.  The sky was full of them.

Now my precious friend had asked God for reminder of His love.  Her son’s name had an x in it.  And this was her precious gift from God to show her afresh His love.  I love that!  Not only does our God do more than we can ask, He showers His love on His children in unique and individual ways!

God is so good and loving!  If you too are struggling with life, perhaps you’d too ask God to demonstrate himself to you.  And then ask for open eyes to see.  My friend saw God’s love because she opened her eyes to look.  Ask for ears to hear.  God wants to carry you.  God longs to comfort you.  It’s who He is!  Are you looking all around you for an answer to your prayer to know God cares?  Keep looking and listening!  God uses many means to demonstrate His love!

In this fallen world, in life with hurts, God may not answer prayers for healing or health, or complete wellness.  But pain is designed by God to pull us closer to Him, if we are willing to do that and allow Him to be everything we need!

Please be like my friend, and in the midst of hurt, call out to God.  Then, let God’s rich, pure love surround you as He draws near.  The bible promises that when we seek God with all our hearts we will find Him. (Deut. 4:29)

I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite songs: The Love of God.  I may have it in other posts also, but it is so good!  God’s love is rich and pure.  His love will surround you!  He promises to be near to the brokenhearted (Ps. 34:18)!  I pray, precious sisters, that you know afresh God’s pure and rich love towards you today!

One thought on “The Love of God… so Rich, So Pure!

  1. This is so beautiful and kind hearted.
    You leave me speechless.
    So from a broken hearted mother who tries to be faithful in the midst of waves of sadness or broken-ness, let me just get help with speech from the Holy Scriptures to thank you for how much honor this message and picture of the almighty sky shows.
    You my friend have done this so well – you are truly a mentor.

    – Proverbs 12:26 One who is righteous is a guide to his neighbor
    – Romans 12:10 Love one another with brotherly affection. Out do one
    another in showing honor.

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