What Is an Agreement Number Crunch Fitness

Applicants must have an appropriate educational aptitude or certification, background or degree with at least 2 years of teaching experience. AFFA and/or ACE certifications are highly recommended. CPR is also required. This website and all content on this website are provided “as is” and without any express or implied warranties of any kind, including, but not limited to, warranties of title or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. By using this website, you acknowledge that your use of this website is at your own risk, that you assume full responsibility for all costs associated with any necessary maintenance or repair work on the equipment you use in connection with your use of our website, and that Crunch LLC will not be liable for any damages of any kind in connection with your use of this website. of this website. Although we make every effort to keep the content of this website up to date, we do not guarantee that this is the most up-to-date information available. For up-to-date information about class changes, contact information, and other information about Crunch locations, its operations, programs, and offerings, please contact a Crunch Club location or the company`s contact information provided on this website. It is agreed that all regulations, policies, services, hours, prices, monthly fees and charges for additional services such as personal training are subject to change without notice at Crunch`s sole discretion and ____ Except as otherwise provided herein, such modification does not release the Member from any obligation under this Agreement.

If your membership has an expiration date, you will receive a credit in the form of an extension of the membership expiration for the number of days the gym has been closed. Sometimes! Request a guest pass to crunch.com at the location of your choice and we will send you an email about special offers. Crunch Gym is a chain of training facilities spread throughout the country. They are known to accept everyone, regardless of their shape, size or fitness. The Member agrees that no warranties, representations or agreements of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise, express or implied, have been made to the Member other than those written herein or in writing. We want to keep you as a member and believe that your fitness and health are too important to be abandoned during this crisis. If you absolutely think you need to cancel your membership now, please send a letter or email to your gym with your name, address, email address and membership number as well as your cancellation request. Our classes are challenging, but include all fitness levels! Our goal is to make the training fun for everyone. The Member acknowledges that he acquires a membership in a fitness center. The Club may, in its sole discretion, offer programs (p. ex.

B dance practice programs), fitness-related facilities, services or equipment. The Club has no obligation to pursue any particular programs, facilities, services or equipment as part of its contractual obligations under this Agreement and may discontinue, modify or modify them in its sole and absolute discretion without recourse from the Member. To find the address of your gym, visit www.crunch.com/locations to find your club page. When you get to your gym page, the mailing address can be found in the main screen of the page. The “CONTACT US” section below this image contains other ways to stay in touch with your gym, including your email address. We ask that you be patient and understanding as we work with a small staff.* The fitness industry plays a central and essential role in promoting and maintaining mental, physical and social health and well-being. The GYMS Act will create a $30 billion grant program to directly support U.S. health and fitness facilities and address the unique and urgent needs of the industry during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Some equipment and areas of the gym may be marked as closed and the size of group fitness classes may be reduced to allow for appropriate social distancing. For Crunch subscriptions that include group fitness classes and/or advanced HIIT classes (“Courses”), users have the option to reserve a place in these online courses.

Courses are limited to a certain number of participants, and the availability of online bookings for courses varies by location and is marked as such on each location`s website (“Online Course Bookings”). Members with an All Crunch subscription have the option to book online courses at Crunch Signature locations up to 6 days and 22 hours prior to the start of a course. For all other types of membership that include courses, members may book a course up to 22 hours prior to the start of a course at locations where online course reservations are offered. In addition, institutions that offer online course bookings have the right to charge members a non-cancellation fee in the cancellation window or for missing a course without cancellation. If a member cancels an online course reservation within 2 hours of the start of the course, this will be considered a “late cancellation”. If a member who has an online course reservation does not cancel and does not participate in the course, this is considered a “no-show”. Late cancellations and no-shows may incur charges, which will be communicated by email to the Member`s email address registered with his Home Club. To avoid a late cancellation or no-show fee, the Member must cancel his online course reservation online, via the Website or the Member Application. Currently, Crunch Signature properties charge a $5 late cancellation fee and a $10 no-show fee. Crunch Fitness and Crunch Select charge a $1 late cancellation fee and a $2 no-show fee. Members must accept these Online Course Booking Terms and Conditions in order to access online course bookings.

If you do not do so, the booking of classes will only be restricted in the club and only on a “first come, first served” basis. Crunch does not guarantee the availability of courses reserved for the club. In addition, by accepting these Online Course Booking Terms and Conditions, Members authorize Crunch to debit their payment account as part of their membership registered with Crunch for any late cancellations and no-show fees. Crunch will notify a Member at least ten (10) days before any late cancellation fees or no-show fees are deducted from a Member`s payment account by electronic funds transfer (EFT). This authorization will remain in effect until the expiration or termination of a Crunch membership agreement in accordance with the Terms. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Terms, Crunch reserves the right to add, remove or change its online course booking policies, including late cancellation or no-show fees, at any time and in its sole discretion and without notice or liability to you. .

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