“Seeking God is not first and foremost an emotion. Rather, it is a conscious, deliberate choice to set our affections, our mind, our heart, our attention on Him. The earnestness with which we seek anything reveals the value that we place on what we are seeking. “ (Nancy Leigh DeMoss)

“The [one] who would know God must give time to Him.” (A.W. Tozer)

“Our spirits, like our bodies, have requirements for health and growth.  Some people don’t want to pay the price of developing good spiritual habits.  Sadly, they end up paying the much higher price of spiritual disease and even death.  If you want God’s presence in your life, you must practice the habits that invite Him to show up.”  (Bill Hybels)

“Intimacy with God, just like any other passionate love relationship, requires effort, attention, perseverance, and time.  Just like any fire, the flame will die if you do not fan it.”  (David Vernoy, personal acquaintance)

“Holiness is not an impossibility for any of us. It means first of all to be set apart, as the vessels in the tabernacle were set apart (consecrated) from ordinary vessels. For us to be holy means the will to do God’s will.  It means sacrifice — the offering up of my own will (which at times seems to me an impossibility) and the acceptance of His.  There is an active practice of holiness as we carry out, for the glory of God, the ordinary duties of each day, faithfully fulfilling the responsibilities given us.” (Elisabeth Elliot)

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