I can’t compete with that!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am working on this blog, and have a long way to go.  If you stumble onto this blog currently, it only has a few posts because it is being worked on.  However, this is the first article I wrote when I felt God calling me to write a devotional style blog.  I am finally publishing it… it seems hard to believe this is one of the first things I thought to capture.  Hopefully God takes me and my life and uses it to encourage you!

I once worked at a hospital.  We had a lending library of donated books, which patients who were bored were able to check out.   Sadly, the genre that we had the most of were romance novels.  One day while I was sitting at my desk, a book was returned.  I glanced at the cover, and repulsed that that particular book was even on our shelf, turned it over and set it aside.  My boss walked by, and I commented that we should organize our books (as it hadn’t been done in a long time), and get rid of some of the overabundant romance books.  She agreed, and I didn’t think anything of the book sitting on my desk until later in the day.

I was working alone, and there were very few people in the lobby.  One of the guys who worked in security came up and started talking to me, as we often did.  He nonchalantly picked up the book. Immediate embarrassment came over me.  The front cover of said book had a buxomly, scantily clad woman staring longingly into the face of a bare-chested, well chiseled man.  Not knowing what to do, I didn’t say anything as I watched this man glance at the cover.  After a second he shook his head and said, “I can’t compete with that!”

I’m sure shock covered my face.  We women tend to think the exact same thing about photo-touched models, and the imagined fantastic lovers of romance tales.  I believe my friend was responding to the deep longing all of us have to be wanted and accepted.  We see something we cannot possibly live up to, and a hopelessness floods us.  This  man would never look like the image on the cover, nor would I be able to capture the seductive look and pose of the woman without much mirror practicing!

I was reminded that whether the feeling comes from not looking like a magazine cover, or finding our own relationships dull due to reading (much edited may I add) romance novels — until we find our security in Christ we will never be able to compete with that. I don’t like feeling that I don’t measure up.  I’m sure you don’t either.  Let’s take the time to get into God’s Word and see what standard He has set for us.  I guarantee that as we are conformed to His image, we will measure up, and we will be a bride that our Groom, Christ, will delight in!