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Hello!  I’m doing a bit of housekeeping about my blog today.  If you read this post you will see how LITTLE I know about technology and blogs and such!

So… I’ve been complaining for a while that my subscribe button does not work.  My techy (and patient) brother looked at it for me.  He figured out some things… and patiently explained them to me about a million times before I (somewhat) got it.

So here is the deal: I wanted a subscribe button so that you all could get an email when new content is posted.  I thought that would be easier.  So we added a plugin, and did some things… but even though you put in an address for me, and I received it… I couldn’t send out automatic emails.  It turns out that my blog which is hosted on my brother’s domain doesn’t recognize my email as a valid one to use.  (Have I lost you yet?  I have had to learn a ton of new terminology!)  We tried to set me up with a valid email, but gmail doesn’t send that kind of emails, because in the mind of the computer, those types of email lists look like spam!

What!  I told my brother that I get emails from blogs about a new posting.  He agreed.  However, none of those blogs that I get are personal/small blogs.  I subscribe to blogs of famous authors, or such.  They pay for a subscribe button because in the long run they want the networking, possible people to buy their upcoming books, and so forth.  They even have stores on their site where you can purchase their books.  So they make money off the blog, and therefore they pay the price of the subscription, because in the long run it benefits them.

My brother convinced me that at this stage, my little blog, and my little group of friends who read my blog, are not at a stage where paying for a subscribe button to send out an automatic notice would be worth it!  Bummer!  But he also explained how people follow blogs.

I was confused, but I tried it… and he was right. (Thanks Big Brother!).  SO … for those of you like me who don’t know… this blog has an automatic “subscribe” button, sort of.  It’s called a RSS feed.  Don’t ask me what that means!  I don’t know! BUT, I found out how it works.  My brother told me several times this is how people “follow” me.  You click the Entries RSS link on the right side, then you subscribe to follow my blog.  It automatically opens in your “feed.”  I’ve never done this before… but this “feed” is found in my favorites… tucked in between my favorites, and my history! I’d seen it forever, but had no idea what it was!!

So whenever you want to, you open this feed file, or whatever it technically is… and there you can see if I’ve added a new post that you haven’t read!  Cool!  But that means I can’t just send out a blog teaser ending in read more when new content is posted.  So, for those of you who have already tried to subscribe — thank you!  You are listed in my computer …  I just have to do some manual work to get you an email about new content.  My brother said I can send out an email like that — but most people don’t bother to do that.

So, if you’ve already signed up via my “subscribe” button, I’ll send you an email personally and see if you still want new post notification emails.  Otherwise, if you are techy-er then me (not a word, I know!), and have already followed along on the RSS feed… thanks to you too! I know some of you aren’t computer savvy, and like me, like an email now and again.  But I guess the RSS feed is supposed to be easy too!

So all that to say, the problem with the subscribe button was not that it wasn’t installed, or wasn’t working… it was (I guess) user error in that I really didn’t understand what I thought I wanted!

Have a great day!


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