Happy Birthday Jesus!

“Happy Birthday Jesus! I’m so glad it’s Chrsitmas!  The tinsel and lights, and the presents are nice, but the real gift is You.  Happy Birthday Jesus.  Jesus, I love You.”

“We give gifts to everyone else on Jesus’ birthday.  Why don’t we give Him more gifts on His birthday?”  (Michael Youseff)

What do you want to give Jesus this year?  I say I want to give Him more time in His Word.  I say I want to give Him more prayer. I say I want to be more loving with His love in me.  I say I want to serve more with His attitude in me.

But I fall short. Giving Jesus a gift becomes sometimes like giving a gift to people — we give it, and sometimes than forget about it!   Praise God for grace!  Praise Jesus He will help us give Him gifts that do honor Him.

Isn’t God amazing? God, in flesh.  Jesus, Lord at His birth.

How often at Chrsitmas, a time to celebrate Jesus’ birth, that the hustle and bustle become busyiness and expectations that leave us feeling a little dissapointed at the end. We think the time with family or off of work goes too fast.  The gifts aren’t as appreciated as we wanted them to be.  We didn’t get what we wanted, etc. Things we want overtake ways we can serve.  Things we do overshadow the calm of quieting our heart before Him. Buying gifts and giving them, or receivig gifts, can sometimes even become areas of self focus and pride and struggle.

Is this because we take our focus off the birth of our Savior? Jesus, God in flesh.  Emmanuel.

Isn’t God incomprehensible that He allows us to know Him?

“Mary, did you know, the child whom you delivered would soon deliver you?  Mary, did you know, when you kissed your little baby you kissed the face of God?  Mary did you know?”

Dear fellow believers in Jesus – May the Lord Jesus Himself, whose birth we celebrate, grant you His peace this season.  May you remember Him and the gift of salvation afresh.  May you love and serve and give with His generosity, His abandon, and His selflessness.  He is with us, and we get to bear witness to Him to all the world.

“Oh come, let us adore Him. Oh come, let us adore Him.  Oh come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord.”

“Fall on your kneees, oh hear the angel’s voices.  Oh night divine.  Oh night, when Christ was born.”

“Happy Birthday Jesus.  Jesus, I love you.”


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