First Things First

imagesj9c4x1sgFirst things first.  This blog will not make any sense to a woman reading it, if she is living according to the world’s way of thinking.  It could sound rather prudish, old-fashioned, or even naive.  I realize this.  This blog is geared towards women who have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Yes, a personal relationship, not simply knowledge of God or a religious ideology.  I say this, because if a woman has a personal relationship with God, spiritual growth occurs in the opposite direction of the world’s thinking.  This is a beautiful progression of learning to live for  Jesus, love Him, obey Him, and become like Him.  Thus, if you do not know Christ, it begins there.

I’d like to explain a personal relationship with Jesus to you.  This is a relationship with God, made possible through His Son, Jesus.  This is all laid out in the Bible, and is worth reading to discover!  I’ll briefly take you through the basics.

In Genesis God is introduced as a Being before even time began.  He created the world.  The Bible states that all things are made by Him, through Him, and for Him.  He created humans on the earth not because He needed us, but because He wanted relationship with us.  Eve, the first woman, chose to disobey God’s Word.  God had told her and her husband Adam that they were not to eat of a certain tree in the garden He’d placed them in.  Eve was tempted to eat it (it looked good and sounded desirable), and she did.  This was the first sin. The sin was not eating the fruit — it was rebelling against what God said to do.  When Adam and Eve decided to go against God’s word, it brought immediate shame as well as immediate recognition that they had marred a perfect relationship with God.  Adam and Eve hid from God.    However, God sees all things.  God knew them, their thoughts and actions.  Still He came to talk with them.  The result of them disobeying God is called sin, and this sin caused death — death of an animal to make clothes to cover Adam and Eve, the death of a pure, untainted relationship with God, and lastly physical death.  Their rebellion against God became ingrained in all of humanity.  All people sin and fall short of God’s glory — or short of the perfection that He demands.

Because of our sin, starting with Adam and Eve when humanity begin, all people die. God had provided a tree of life in the garden, but now that humans knew the effect of evil, God mercifully prevented anyone from eating of this tree. Can you imagine living on this earth forever as it is?  So death entered with sin, but one day God will redeem death.  In the meantime when a person dies the Bible states that we either have a relationship with God and go to be with Him, or we die choosing to live a life of rebellion against God, and then we spend eternity in hell.  It sounds drastic, and it literally is.

The thing is, that even before the first sin that became engraved in humanity, God had already planned a way to get people back into right relationship with Himself.  Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, would become flesh and blood.  He came to be a sacrifice to satisfy God’s wrath, for God can not stand sin.  So Jesus (who is God), out of love for you and me, lived on the earth in a physical body, then died on a cross (a Roman torture method of death reserved for the worst of the worst criminals).  His literal death was the sacrifice acceptable to redeem mankind unto God for Jesus had no sin in Him.  The Bible states that He took our sins on Himself.  He then rose from the dead, physically, and ascended into heaven.  He will return someday to gather those who have believed this to himself.  If someone doesn’t choose to believe this, they choose to be separated from God.  Thus, separation from God is literally hell.  But praise be to God — He wants us to know Him and spend our eternity in heaven!  He wants us to get to know His Son Jesus, and the work of the Cross! He wants to bring us to heaven to be present with Him forever!  He tells us all about this in His Word, the Bible.

I don’t want anyone to not know.  The truth is God loves all people.  He wants relationship with all.   So, if anyone chooses to believe that Jesus is the Son of God who came in the flesh, willingly and freely died upon a cross to take away all sins, and that He rose and will come back, they can enter into a personal relationship with a Holy God.

It’s simple. You tell God that you acknowledge you can’t measure up and that you have sinned. You tell Him that you believe what He said about Jesus in the Bible.  You ask Him to forgive you and to change you.  Christians like to say that this is being “born again.”  All this means, is that you invite the Spirit of God to dwell with you, teach you His ways, and show you more and more about God.  There should be a change in your life if you really mean this, because the Holy Spirit then starts speaking truths into your heart and changing you away from the world’s way of thinking to God’s way.  These changes are sometimes instantaneous, but more often then not they are a lifetime of slow changes. But a person’s life looks different than it did before having a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Jesus brings peace, joy, and grace to our life experience.  Sometimes though, these changes need the help of a godly counselor — so if you are in relationship with Christ, and feeling like there are still areas where you struggle, please talk to a pastor, spiritually mature friend, or a Christian counselor who can help guide you.

There are the basics.  Accepting what Christ has done for you and choosing to believe it, brings you into a personal relationship with the Living God. Pretty awesome!  I’d love to answer questions if I can, or a pastor of a Bible-believing church would also gladly talk with you.  Literally, it will change your life.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have riches or a better life.  Rather, you’ll have a God who relates to you personally, who will help you through troubles, and most importantly, who sees Jesus’ blood covering your sin.  Then when you die physically you will not be separated from God, rather, you will be in heaven worshiping the One who is the Redeemer of all mankind.


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