Informal Meet and Greet


Do you know the song “I am a child of the King?”  One of the lines says, “I love to laugh and I love to sing!”  That describes me pretty well, I think!  I have joy in my heart and you will often find me humming, singing in the shower, whistling, or listening to praise music!

I thought you might enjoy a little bit about me that’s not in my formal bio:

I love to bake and one month I made a pan of brownies each week.  If you ask me, I can make a pretty good brownie recipe!  I love the gift of food, and enjoying it with others!

My favorite color used to be purple, now I have a wider variety of taste and have added oranges and greens to that list!

I have a twin sister and an older brother.  Both are married and so I’ve added a sis and bro in law to the mixture as well as delightful nieces and nephews, and I’m very happy with the family members God gave me!  I also have wonderful parents who have helped shape me into who I am!

I love to read and I love to be outside.  A great summer day is one where I can combine both (a park, for instance – as long as the mosquitoes are nowhere around!).

My favorite season is fall, when the leaves are at their crunchiest.  But I also love spring when the tulips bloom!

I hate coffee, and I must be in the mood for hot chocolate (such as being cold, or wanting to feel cozy!).  However, I love to go out for “coffee” with a good friend, and just sit and chat the hours away!

And lastly, my favorite songs include (and are definitely not limited to): Jesus Loves Me, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, and Be Thou My Vision.




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